While providing contractual drilling services, Erdenedrilling provides ger accommodations or mobile shelters to ensure comfortable accommodation for its employees who perform field works. Field camps consist of office, rest accommodations, kitchen, warehouse, shower rooms and laundry. The camp power is generated by diesel generators and it has designated smokes areas, muster point, emergency siren, first aid kits and firing points equipped by necessary fire-fighting tools. Camp facilities are equipped by fire extinguishers, camping policy book, emergency plan and smoke detectors. Total demand of power is calculated, voltage is tested by skilled electrician and power generators are equipped with ground connection and lightening arrestors. Drinking water supply, waste water and disposable wastes are managed environmentally friendly.
Factory bottled water is main resource of drinking water at field  camp
Laundry water is supplied by water trucks and waste water is treated by Matala water purification system manufactured in Australia
Erdenedrilling manages restrooms by providing outdoor hand-dug toilets or Sweden “Ecoloo” eco-toilots which is an environmentally-friendly toilet produces fertilizers with bacterial conversion. There is no need to dispose the waste in 45 days. No smell, no water and reasonable capacity of 500kg.
Wastes are arranged in categories of plastics and general wastes and kept in specific bags. Bagged wastes are transported to the designated waste disposal locations.