POWER 6000


The next generation of Power 4000, the Power 6000 series of drill rigs are manufactured with more drilling capacity and productivity. Multi-purpose operational Power 6000 is considered as a water well drilling rig but is capable to provide blast drilling services. Set drilling accessories and control panel give the driller an easy set-up and operation. Through the low cost of the drilling accessories and fuel consumption, this kind of rig can be more efficient and economic beneficial to provide drilling services.
The self-loading mechanism gives and advantage of easy transportation and the rod holder makes operation faster and safe. The Power 6000 drill rig is capable to drill vertical and horizontal directions and its strong mast stabilizes drilling operations.

  • DTH: 4-8” (101.6-203.2) mm – 200 m
  • With booster: 400 m
  • With air compressor: 600 m
  • Retract Force: 16ton
  • Pull Down Force: 8ton
  • Pull Down Speed: 1.4m/s
  • Rig Weight: 11tn