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Our company performs permanent auditing in implementation of its HSE policy. HSE Management plan is developing on annual basis and performance is evaluated monthly. We promote HSE Management policy through application of following rules, procedures and standards. The recognized operations and activities (including maintenance) shall be planned on internal HSE and Admin schedule to ensure that they are completed under specified conditions by establishing and maintaining documented procedures that:

Cover situations where their absence could cause illness or injury and/or lead to deviations from the HSE objectives and targets

Identify the hazards/risks and/or the significant environmental aspects of goods and services used by the organization and communicating relevant procedures and requirements to suppliers and contractors

Stipulating or referencing operating criteria

Stipulating the monitoring and measurement requirements and processes for the particular activity 


Erdenedrilling operations will be conducted so as to protect the health, safety and welfare of employees, client personnel and all other visitors at drilling site, while maintaining a safe working environment.
Erdenedrilling employees are accountable for their health and safety performance in the workplace and are assigned the responsibility to follow safety rules, policies and procedures to ensure safe operations.

All employees are to take the necessary steps to ensure reporting, or rectification of hazards and everyone is expected to utilize their job skills and knowledge to improve safety.

Attitudes to health and safety are recognized as being as important as other business qualities and will be assessed regularly as part of an individual employee performance appraisal.

Our mission is to observe best international safe working standards on our entire operation.


Working at Heights

Operating Equipment or Mobile Plant

Approaching Mobile Equipment

Entering a Restricted Area or Crossing Barricading

Suspended Load or Unsupported Ground

Zero Energy & Isolation

Safety Devices