Just tap on a single button and allow you to use clean drinking water, as well as a full standard service that can protect the well from freezing, tripping, breaking the pump.

About 10 percent of Mongolia’s total water resources are groundwater resources and over 80 percent is surface water. Surface water is recharged by rain, water, and other sources, while underground water is a very long-term source of water and it takes over 200,000 years to recharge.

Groundwater is Mongolia’s most important source of water. The activities of all social and economic sectors are directly dependent on the groundwater resources and their potential. In areas where there is no surface water, herders use water from wells, and agricultural, mining and factories use groundwater in their operations.

“Erdenedrilling” LLC is conducting high quality drilling rigs for wells and ground water supply and industrial wells by business entities produced by Russian and Korean, American, and Swedish machines.

If you want to have water well drilling, please follow the 5 steps below:

1. Step

To get it checked for possibility of well drilling permit issuance. Can be verified by sending your cadastral map to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Erdenedrillingllc/ or visit to our office with a cadastral map. If it is determined that a permit can be issued, go to step 2.

For Detailed information on well drilling permit:


2. Step

In Ulaanbaatar city exploration order will be confirmed after as you deposit 100.000 MNT as an exploration work fee to KHAAN BANK account # 5121002380 and make sure you write your PHONE NUMBER in the transaction value field. Exploration Engineers will contact the client to schedule an exploration date. By having an exploration, information such as how many meters to drill in the area, how much would be the drilling cost of 1meter and where to drill will be determined right on the site. If exploration is done, go to step 3.

3. Step

Come to the office of “Erdenedrilling” LLC, conclude a contract for an underground water well drilling and handover the permit document to Contracting officer employee. Documents required for obtaining a permit:

  • Land certificate,
  • Cadastral map,
  • Personal ID card,
  • Description of the ranger,
  • Receipt for Stamp duty payment of 153,500 MNT.

Well permit will be resolved within 5-7 working days, well drilling date will be set after as client gets notified.

4. Step

Drilling work will take 3-14 days, depending on the specific features of the site. Upon completion of the drilling, a pump will be installed in the borehole to drain the water, samples will be taken from water and submitted to the State Laboratory for chemical analysis.

5. Step

As soon as the results of the water test issued we will contact a client and will hand over the well passport and water test results.

The list of services we can provide is shown below:

Flooded Reverse Circulation Drilling
Municipal and Community Water supply
Well Development
Pumping Test to determine Aquifer Characteristics
Packer Installation and removal
Fishing Services
Well Servicing
Liner Installation
Well Rehabilitation
Well abandonment
Brushing, Bailing, Surging & Jetting
Pump Installation, Removal and Repair
Casing perforation

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