Erdenedrilling provides ground water exploration services with field and settlement research methodology.

Geophysical vertical electrical sounding /VES/

One of the Geophysical methods used in exploration for the earth’s crust, geological exploration, is the electric exploration method.
The underground sediments are characterized by the different physical and chemical properties of polarization and polarization due to moisture content, mineralization and size, temperature, density and fluffy sediments and the age of rocks.
Geophysical vertical electrical sounding /VES/ is a widely used groundwater exploration method, which assures depth and layers of water points.


Syscal R1 plus produced by Iris instruments in France

Output specifications:
– Automatic ranging /microprocessor controlled/
– Intensity: Up to 2500MA
– Voltage: Up to 600V /1200V peak to peak/
– Power: Up to 200W NEW
– Selectable cycle time of 0.5 1 or 2sec, programmable from 0.25 to 10s
– Current measurement precision: 0.5% typical

– The numerical value of field measurement is calculated based on the scientific progress of advanced processing technology using IX2D, Prosys II, RES2D, Geosoft, Surfer and Autocad.