“Erdenedrilling” LLC has a further goal that stands for the forefront of the utilization of the innovative products and equipment in its operations to reduce operational time. Since February 2012, the company had utilized the high-efficiency “drilling fluid system” manufactured in “GN solids” LLC and the event was great accomplishment to the company which always intends to be environmentally friendly organization. The system provides an opportunity to reuse and recycle the water and mud from the previous operations as well as gives a chance to reduce the operational time. Moreover, the most important achievement with the system was preventing and handling all the problems during the drilling operation through the mixing drilling muds with proper technology.

– Customized drilling mud purification system
– Benefits of low solids in drilling mud
– Increased drilling penetration
– increase bit or back reamer life
– Reduce investment, but enjoy high efficiency
– Mix up to 48 ton of drilling mud per hour


Mud pumps are typically positive displacement pumps, otherwise known as reciprocating pumps. Positive displacement pumps are able to provide a constant flow rate of fluid regardless of the pump’s outlet pressure. Duplex, triplex, and quintuplex pumps are all used as drilling mud pumps.
Mud pump packages are driven either by an engine or motor. Depending on fuel and energy available on or near a drilling rig, electric motors or diesel engine are common. In some cases, natural gas or other fuel types may be used. Drilling mud pumps are packaged on skid type units which allow for easy removal and transportation from site to site.

CWB F800/10


Country of manufacture: China
Max output: 800 lpm /220gpm/
Max pressure: 10 mpa /1450psi/

CWB F2500/10


Country of manufacture: China
Max output: 2500 lpm /660gpm/
Max pressure: 16.5 mpa /2400psi/


Grout station is a combination of mixer, agitator and grout pump in one plant. It is mainly used in highway, railway, hydropower, construction, mining and other ground and underground construction. High speed vortex mixer ensures mix quickly and evenly. Water, cement and other media are quickly mixed into a homogeneous slurry. Then the mixed slurry was delivered to the agitator. Grout pump injects from the mixing drum (storage tank). This ensures a continuous mixing and grouting operations. The grouting pump is hydraulic drive. Grouting pressure and displacement is stepless adjustable. Compact size and it is easy to operate. It also takes up a small space.


Capacity: 500L, Output: 7m3/h
Power: 7.5Kw, 1450rpm,50Hz,380V
Rated Rev: 1450rpm, W/C ratio: ≥0.5:1


Capacity: 700L, Rated Rev: 36rpm
Power: 1.5KW, 50Hz,380V


Output: 0-100L/min, Pressure: 0-5MPa
Power: 15kw,50Hz,380V


Groundwater is a priceless resource lying beneath the earth’s land surface. Johnson Screens’ products has been at the heart of water wells for over 100 years. Our continuous-slot profile wire technology and revolutionary well screening has become the industry standard around the world.
– Avoiding pump damage
– Improving well and pumping efficiency
– Maximizing water flow rate into the well
– Reducing well maintenance increased well life
Johnson screens does more than make the world’s best water well screens, necessary design analysis and technical support to deliver an efficient and productive water well.


The spiral bridge slot screen in a kind of spiral screen pipe which has the bridge shape slot. IT’s welded by the double-side automatic submerged arc welding technology. Compared with the traditional bridge slot screen. It’s welding line is more full and even, more reasonable in design and with a unique structure, more sophisticated and with a reliable quality. The compression resistance of the screen is much higher than then traditional one’s.


Strata Precision Plastics are the leading supplier of slotted PVC in New Zealand to the drilling industry, with a comprehensive range of products, we are able to supply a slot configuration that meets the needs of most requirements.


Well Pack gravel is used for deep bed in-ground wells to form a barrier between the screens and the natural deposit of the land, which in turn, allows for the well to provide very clean water. Other applications can include dewatering well and monitoring wells.


The Clipper HD506 is a powerful and robust stone saw, designed for continuos operation on the job site or industrial locations. The ‘stay level’ blade guard and heavy duty conveyor cart provide safe and easy cutting of a wide variety of stone, refractory and stone materials. Clipper HD506 features innovative design for best user’s satisfaction, both in terms of maintenance and utilization.

Capacity: 7.5kwt
Maximum core length: 1.5m
Maximum core diameter: 114mm


Since 2014, we have been serving with convenient plastic core boxes. The plastic core boxes are made from tough plastic for safety, durability and economy and designed to give years and years of service. They are designed to work in most environments and have the advantages of:

1. Environmentally friendly
2. Cost effective
3. Convenient to transport
4. Good appearance



– To inspection the water leakage of the well,
– To imaging the blockage of the well
– To help the repair of the well
– Provide broadcast quality video of the underwater world, back to the surface from
up to within 1000m below,
– This camera can be viewed in real time or recorded for later viewing


– Super high resolution color picture
– Low light operation
– Led underwater light
– Stainless steel housing
– Military grade water tightness cable
– Ability to attach up to deep place and stand large pressure of water.


The air perforator effectively perforates installed steel or PVC casing. The steel casing perforating wheel punctures rows of approximately 1/10″ x 1″ slots in wall thicknesses up to 0.450″. The PVC casing perforating wheel punctures rows of approx. 0.050″ x 0.400″. The perforating wheels are easily changed out for replacement or switching between steel and PVC casing.
6″ Perforator the 6″ perforator is the most popular, having an OD of 5.9″ that is ready for 6-5/8″ OD casing with a 0.250 or 0.280″ wall. When perforating thinner wall casing (0.150″) the travel stops can be removed, resulting in slightly larger holes.


Inflatable Packers range in length from 10” up to five feet or more. They are specifically designed for depths more commonly found in grouting jobs. With their sliding head design, they have the ability to double in size from their run-in diameter and typically furnish a longer seal than that of a Mechanical Packer. The ratio of through-pipe I.D. to packer O.D. is a valuable asset. (Example: 2”-3” O.D. packer is available with a 3/4” I.D. center tube.) QSP’s Grout Packers have integral tube scrapers that remove excess grout that has adhered to the outside of the center tube. The scrapers work each time the packer is deflated.
Mechanical packers work well for surface plugging applications or surface setting for low pressure grouting, and is not going to be injected to any depth, typically only from two to ten feet maximum. They work well in cased holes, but in an irregular borehole, it may not expand adequately for proper sealing of washed-out zones.


The REFLEX EZ-TRAC 1.5™ is a digital downhole survey instrument that is multifunctional, easy to operate, highly accurate, robust and reliable. The REFLEX EZ-TRAC 1.5™ is able to transfer vital downhole data in real-time via our new android based REFLEX EZ-TRAC 1.5™ App available on a REFLEX supplied tablet. Built using our industry preferred user interface, the user friendly REFLEX EZ-TRAC 1.5™ App on handheld device will operate the tool, execute surveys and sync the data to the IMDEXHUB-IQ™ at the press of a button. Results are automatically calculated and displayed on the handheld device, eliminating the risk of human error, and survey data uploaded into IMDEXHUB-IQ™ can be accessed by geologists anywhere, any time. The REFLEX EZ-TRAC 1.5™ workflow is now more efficient, user friendly and with less steps involved reduces human errors. Minimum time is required to set up for surveying because the tool only requires aluminum extension rods to be added to place the instrument away from magnetic interference, caused by drilling equipment.


The Reflex ACT II RD retains the quality and consistency of the original Reflex ACT which has become the preferred system for Drillers and Geologists worldwide. This upgraded version provides additional features of Rapid Decent (RD), digital download and infra-red technologies, making the tool even faster, more robust and accurate.
The robust controller can match the time and date to specific operational events and has the ability to store and download the data direct to a PC in the field. The digital download now means that Reflex can also monitor the performance of the ACT II RD and perform diagnosis instantly via an emailed file